Ketty's Kitchen, as performed by The Underberrys
Next Peformance
Friday, August 28th

Tommy Doyle's
96 Winthrop St, Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

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Copies of the CD will also be available at the show.

Ketty's Kitchen: A Tale in Twelve Songs

Ketty's Kitchen, a collection of songs written and produced by Timothy Underberry, is inspired in part by the style of Neil Young's "Greendale" and David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust." As a set piece, the songs present an intriguing musical and narrative weave. In short, "Ketty's Kitchen" is the story of Ketty Pearsall, a free spirit and former Rockette, and how she and her family navigate "the raging river of life" -- be it matters of love, heartbreak, friendship, or social responsibility. The story is set in both old New York and contemporary Boston as the music reflects both times and towns, the past and the here-and-now.

Written and produced
by Timothy Underberry

by Andrew Del Cid, Adam Friedman, and Timothy Underberry

by Andrew Del Cid, Adam Friedman, Christine de Michele, Neil Taylor, Pat Hanlin, Anthony "Tones" Maiella, Mark Zaleski, Leon Silva, Ben Paille, Max Haft, M. Drake Sherman, Carl McGrier, and Morgan Eve Swain

The Reverend Tremendous

© 2009 Timothy Underberry

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